Get actionable insights from
all your customer interactions

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Platform built to 'listen' to the Voice of the Customer

Monitor, analyze and elevate customer experience

Quality Control at Scale

Unbiased quality evaluations for 100% of customer interactions across various channels like phone/email/chat/web/others.

Reduce Churn

Maximize renewals by flagging & actioning bad experiences throughout the customer journey & consistently delivering high quality experiences

Avert Escalations

Identify issue patterns, predict escalations & trigger alerts to mitigate service interruptions.

Elevate Agent Performance

Provide meaningful, contextual feedback to agents on their performance to learn and improve


The Next Generation AI-Powered Customer Experience Analytics Platform

Omni-Channel Visibility

Analyze interaction from all channels - transcribe calls, capture emails, chat, etc. - to get a pulse through the customer's entire journey.

Seamless Integrations

We work with your existing systems (CRM, IVR, ERP, etc.) and provide intelligent analytics across disparate data sources

Purpose-built AI Engine

Our Natural Language Understanding models have been fine-tuned for the nuances of contact center environments & continue to learn from your environment.

Scalable Enterprise-Ready Platform

Ability to scale effortlessly & securely to meet the demands of your growing business

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Find out how you we can help you delight your customers and grow your business.


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