Implement Automated QA & Recieve Real-Time Actionable Insights

A simple, no-code, AI-powered speech analytics platform to empower your in-house or off-site customer support & service teams.

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Who is using Summatti

Summatti is trusted by hundreds of agents and businesses with insights from their customer interactions

Does this sound familiar?

preforming manual quality audits on calls and tickets taking up time consuming
Preforming manual quality audits on calls and tickets
receiving limited and incomplete survey response
Receiving limited and incomplete survey response
living in spreadsheets to track agents and customer experience
Living in spreadsheets to track agents & customer experience
always fighting fires looking to problem solve
Always fighting fires
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Get real-time actionable insights by analyzing 100% interactions

So your team can get back
to focusing on what’s really important to you!

What we do

automated quality control 100% interactions evaluated

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Automated Quality Control

Use AI to not only automate your QA processes but do it for 100% interactions with Summatti.


Customer Experience

Identify issues, patterns, predict escalations & take actions in real-time to improve customer experience
improve and evaluate agent performance

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community engagement

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Agent Performance

Automate agent scorecard & get real-time insights on their coaching opportunities

Omni-channel Analytics

Your customers interact with you on various channels. Summatti analyzes interactions across all the channels and provides insights into one platform
omni-channel analytics interact with customers on all channels

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How we do it

Today, customers have a lot to choose from & it’s the quality of your services that sets you apart from your competition
quickly integrate summatti into your existing systems

Quickly Integrate

You can integrate Summatti into your existing systems across all channels.
We can use APIs to integrate into any system.

attention to detail

Analyze 100% of customer interactions

We analyze ALL of your customer interactions in real-time to help you identify for accurate customer satisfaction and NPS scores will automatically tracking agent performance

actionable insights customized alerts and real-time insights

Actionable Insights

With Summatti's customized alerts & real-time insights you can make data-driven decisions to reduce cost and grow your business.
We marry your product and support team so you can make the optimal business decisions.

Want to see how Summatti has helped others?

Summatti has helped a leading
recreational vehicle manufacturer predict a faulty part and save $12 million
in recalls


Of course not, Summatti scales as your team grows.

Nope, we have a dedicated team to help you with your onboarding process and our user-friendly and customizable dashboard helps you get started in 2 weeks!

No, Summatti integrates with whatever CRM/Softwares you’re already using with the help of our onboarding team. We have integrations built for over 45 softwares – Salesforce, Zendesk, ConnectWise, Salesforce, Cisco, Avaya, Xima to name a few.

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With Summatti

NO manual quality audit

High levels of customer success & satisfaction

Decision making made easy with accessible insights

Summatti makes every customer interaction count

Quick and easy integration to your current CRM, IVR etc.
Analyze 100% of conversations across all channels
Automate your quality control
Real-time alerts on tickets that needs your attention
Automated scorecards for each agent
No-code speech analytics platform to analyze voice & text conversations
Listen to the voice of your customer by detecting customer pain points using AI
Easy to use and intuitive dashboard that is customizable at various levels
Built-in business workflow to take action
" Summatti has helped us bring customer sentiment effortlessly into the heart of our business. Through it's effective and reliable AI capabilities, we have dependable and rich data to make informed decisions that directly impact our customers' experience with us."
Manish Govindaraj
" I love Summatti. I can 100% see how much of a load this takes off of quality assessments. What's especially surprising is it surfaces things that are much harder for us to find manually."
Lisa Wess
Valora App
" We found it very helpful in terms of AI tickets reviews/grading and data aggregating/dashboards from different sources."
Kiril Makarov
Space Ape games

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Summatti makes EVERY customer interaction count by analyzing 100% of customer interactions and giving you unique consumer insights while saving time and money.

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