Please stop annoying me with surveys- Your Customer

I am sure we’ve all dealt with a customer contact center at some point. The part that fascinates me as I grind through the process of getting help is how I’m constantly reminded of how important this call is to the organization (and by extension, how important I am as a customer!)

But actions speak louder than words. So, the moment I get that email in my inbox asking for feedback on how the call went, I stop believing everything they said about me being important. I mean think about it:

So why do I have to tell them again about how things went? Shouldn’t they know?

Turns out I’m not the only person who is turned off by these requests. According to only 2% of customers actually respond to surveys. Not surprisingly, those who do, do so because they had a terrible experience and want to be heard.

As a service provider – this is terrible news!

Not only are you, as an organization, working with a sliver of the larger data set, it is also terribly skewed. If that wasn’t bad enough, the irony is that most businesses already have all the information needed to understand how things went when the customer contacted them.

So how do you exactly go about using that data?

Summatti provides a platform that connects into your existing infrastructure – voice, emails, chat, etc. – to provide real-time analytics on customer interactions. All that without … wait for it … annoying them with surveys!

How much better would your customer service be if you were making business decisions on based on the true voice of your customers that is gathered by evaluating every single interaction across the floor? That’s 50x more data points than what is being collected today through surveys to help understand what your customers want!

Ready to stop annoying your customers with surveys? Reach out. We’d be happy to help.

Summatti makes EVERY customer interaction count by analyzing 100% of customer interactions and giving you unique consumer insights while saving time and money.

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