Stephen Noone O’Connor, VP of Customer Experience at Roadmunk joins us in this episode of Support Ops Simplified to discuss Roadmunk’s …

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Key Takeaways:

  • Why Stephen moved from sales into customer success

Stephen used to run corporate sales for Dow Jones at a time where account management was transitioning into what we now know as customer success.

Stephen made the transition over to customer success as it allowed him to form and improve more customer relationships.

  • How does Roadmunk measure customer experience?

Stephen’s team is mainly focussed on driving usage of the product. Everything they do is looking to help their customers increase usage. This is measured with a tool called Amplitude.

They also look at NPS and both logo and dollar retention.

  • The structure of the Roadmunk CS team…

The onboarding team takes the customer through the process of setting up and starting to use the tool. 

The customer is then handed off to the customer success manager on day 30-60, who is responsible for driving product adoption.

Later the customer is handed off to the renewals team that then act as the “strategic advisor” to see if there are other products or features that could add value.

  • Tracking the customer experience…

Roadmunk uses a combination of Salesloft and Zendesk to communicate with new customers. 

Salesloft distributes email communication to customers as they use the product, and then as they engage, tickets are automatically created in Zendesk. From there, Stephen’s team are able to interact via phone call, chat, email or Zoom and track this engagement.

Over time, Stephen’s team then look to reduce the amount of manual team spent with customers whilst maintaining the same level of customer success. Reducing cost through automation is pointless if you are not able to maintain the same level of customers success.

  • NPS and CSAT used to be enough…

In the past, NPS and CSAT were enough to understand how well your support team were doing. But Stephen now says that as the Roadmunk support team start to scale… they will become more data driven.

Instead of just looking at these customer experience metrics, they will also start to ask “well how efficient are we being whilst still be good at our job?”.

  • Who inspires Stephen?

Stephen enjoys customer success related content from Gainsight, Zendesk and Thomas Tunguz.


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