Almost all customer support teams have Quality Assurance (QA) specialists/analysts who help train & monitor agents. This person is the moving force behind the automated message that you hear when you contact a customer support “This call is recorded for quality assurance purposes”.

What does a QA specialist do? 

The main focus of a QA specialist is to ensure that the company’s customer service standards are maintained with every customer call. For the most part, a quality assurance checklist is provided by the company that the QA specialist follows & based on that they map out the learning & development plan of the agent. The checklist or Rubric can be in the form of Google sheet, a word doc or you can be using one of the tools out there for this. Whatever you use, there is one thing in common amongst all of these methods – you are randomly selecting a couple of customer requests per agent, and manually going through the whole rubric to evaluate how the agent did for that conversation. 

Yes, sounds like what I do

There is no doubt that a QA specialist is a backbone of any support organization. But some of these tasks are mundane, boring, & they take away from time one can spend on helping agents learn & grow.

Many QA specialists find that the worst part of their job is spending hours & hours going through only a handful of conversations & filling out the checklist. On average, there’s 1 QA specialist for every 25 Support agents then each QA specialist picks a handful of calls at random to analyze and use the checklist. Not only are these hours spent on listening to the calls, but that doesn’t even make a dent into the actual amount of customer interactions that take place. Approximately 2-5% of calls are monitored and analyzed by QA specialists, which doesn’t give a great representation of the company’s support performance or specific agent performance.

This leaves the QA specialists with very little time to really focus on training the agents to provide top-class customer service to their customers.

How can this be better?

There are many customer requests & so much information coming from them that the role of a QA specialist has evolved & grown. It’s not about a checklist anymore, but more importantly how they can train & empower agents to provide a great customer service experience.

Thanks to the power of AI, QA specialists can stop spending hours on listening or going through customer interactions manually,  but focus on what they like doing – training & coaching agents!

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! 

Contact us & we can show you in 15 mins (yes, 15 mins) how we can do that.

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