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5 Most Important KPI's you Should be Using

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are adopted across the entire customer support industry.  But what are they and why are they so important? 


KPI’s are a quantifiable measure of performance over time for a specific objective. KPIs provide targets for teams to shoot for, milestones to gauge progress, and insights that help people across the organization make better decisions. 


Let’s go through 5 KPI’s you should be using in 2022…

1. Customer Sentiment

While many businesses focus on some of the operational metrics like First call resolution & average handle time, we are seeing a shift towards the customer focussed KPI’s. It doesn’t matter if the agent took longer to answer the questions, it’s important to know how the customer feels in the end.


While agent has little control on how a customer feels about your product, this metric helps get insight on how your customer feels about your product & services. If your customers have negative sentiment about a feature on the website wouldn’t you want to share that with the product team to ensure that gets fixed in the future release?


Driving this metric up means increasing customer satisfaction & retention, win-win for the customer & the business.

2. Agent Soft Skills


While many businesses measure how fast the agent responded to the customer, very little is done to analyze conversations to understand how an agent responded to the customer. 


Research shows that to keep your agents engaged providing meaningful and actionable feedback works the best. Are you able to coach agents on skills they need to develop to help answer customer queries in a meaningful manner?


Customer Satisfaction Scores measures your customers’ satisfaction with the service they receive. Customers are sent a short survey after an interaction with someone in the Support team asking them to rate the help they received.


A very popular metric used almost universally. However if you follow our previous blogs/posts you would know our issue with surveys. Surveys only typically receive a 2% response rate and from those who reply, they are biased as they are usually either really happy or really mad at the service provided. 

4. Quality Scores

A metric many support teams use to measure customer experience during customer service. There are various ways to measure this, but many teams have a rubric that will include some components of the operations & the conversational KPI’s, for example AHT and the tone of a conversation.


This is a great metric for support leaders to be using. Although it’s time consuming to get the data from manual process like call checklist, having a high Quality Score is important and serves as good benchmarks for agents and centres to shoot for. 

5. Account Health & Customer Churn

For many businesses the main KPI is around customer customer retention & account health. There are many ways to measure it, but one of the ways customer support teams can contribute is by analyzing the conversations in the data & measure which customers are likely to churn.


How many of these KPI's are you tracking today?


 Here at Summatti we can automate these processes and metrics for you. That way you can spend more time making decisions with data instead of searching for it!

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