AI is more than a buzzword when it comes to solving business problems

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Highlights from the conversation

  • How AI solves business problems? 
  • What is Summatti and why did Sid start it?
  • How AI can solve complex problems in the contact center space?
  • The future of the contact center industry

Sid & Raj recently sat down together for the Contact Center Worlds Online Conference Series, Artificial Intelligence and Tech Solutions, to discuss AI and customer support. They spoke about everything from Sid’s journey being a support rep to leading a global team & then starting Summatti, the evolution of AI & how AI can help solve complex business challenges.

Sid’s journey in Customer Support 

Just like many folks, one of Sid’s first jobs was in customer support and since Day 1 he loved being in front of customers! He knows exactly how to communicate with them to understand what they love and what they don’t like about their products. As he grew in his career, he saw a gap on how businesses are using (or rather not using) the data from the customer support teams.

With the evolution of AI and natural language processing (NLP), Sid saw it as an opportunity to tap into these vast amounts of data to easily to get real-time actionable insights- that’s when Summatti was born.

AI in Contact Center/ Customer support Industry 

AI has a variety of use cases in many different scenarios. Companies should focus on implementing a solution to reinvent their customer support from traditional manual processes to a data-driven business. AI is changing the way businesses see customer support – from a cost center where you are always fighting fires to a revenue saver. These insights can help:

  • product development teams develop better products
  • make data-driven decisions on agent performance
  • drive innovation and changes to improve a customer’s use of the product
  • and finally, remove biases from traditional manual processes

AI Evolution

AI is continuously evolving, and it can be used for the following:

  • Conversational analytics – Helping businesses know which are good and bad conversations, and what they need to differently to increase their customer experience.
  • Topic modelling – Customer pain points keep evolving & our AI is helping businesses understand the different customer pain points at a level they never had access to before. 
  • Predictive analysis – Prediction is at the core of AI. You need people to make better decisions and AI empowers them to make those decisions with better accuracy.

It’s important that businesses leverage this technology and it can easily be implemented with Summattti via API. 

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