Bryan DiGiorgio, founder, and CEO of Opsify has over 10 years of call center experience & we had an opportunity to get his insights on call center operations. He attributes 3 P's to a call center success - people, process, and product.


"People are the heart of any call center business & it's important to recognize them more than just a number. We don't have a Six Sigma black belt sitting with us to run every metric & wait for something to break.

An engaged employee can help highlight issues early on, take on new tasks easily & think of ways to increase sales. Hence, focus on employees before process & product."


"This goes beyond 'how your agents are doing?" You need to have a process that is scalable and helps improve customer experience. Try to understand:

•    What's the problem?
•    How big is the problem?
•    Where's the problem?
•    What is the root cause?

For example, we helped one of our Japanese clients move their support operations from Japan into the Philippines, and within five months, we were able to go through this process and drive a 23% reduction in call volume. We were able to identify an issue on their website for which we were getting too many tickets. It was about a promo code provided that was longer than the character limit of the form on the website. Once it was fixed, we immediately saw a drop in those requests & an increase in sales as customers were able to use the code without any issue."


"This talks about the customer feedback & how we integrate into the product or service we offer. For a successful call center operation, to prove that you are more than a cost center, you need to be able to share the voice of the customer to drive the process, product, or policy changes.

For example, through our listening process, we identified a whole new vertical for one of our home service clients. They didn't realize that they were getting a high number of requests for a different type of service. This led to creating a new vertical based upon what we were picking up."

AI’s role in the 3P’s

"Ultimately, whatever we do needs to fit into these 3P's, even AI. The value AI needs to bring needs to help answer:

•    Can I increase my agent engagement with that?
•    How can I make the process better?
•    What can I do to increase customer satisfaction & close more deals?"

About Bryan DiGiorgio

An expert in business process optimization, DiGiorgio has extensive experience within the consumer services, financial services, retail and telecommunications sectors. During his career, DiGiorgio has managed global workforces with as many as 40,000 employees, always determined to leverage the most advanced technology and business productivity tools.

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