Meet Our Host: Sid Bhambhani of Summatti

Rashmi (Summatti cofounder and COO) sits down with Sid (Summatti cofounder and CEO) to understand more about him, Summatti and this podcast.

Everything you need to know about Remote Agents

Remote agents have the ability to work from locations other than the traditional office or traditional contact center. Find out the advantages and challenges of remote agents.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Contact Center Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is centered on the needs and perceptions of the customer, not the business. This includes understanding customer needs at every stage of the CX life cycle, interactions with your business, and the difficulties they encounter.

Cristopher Kuehl interview
Why traditional QA processes aren’t working for your customer service...

We talked to Cristopher Kuehl, VP of Analytics & Client Insights at Sitel Group, about the biggest challenges with QA today, what place AI has in improving QA & most importantly call center metrics.

Chris Escobar
How to motivate your agents to go above & beyond

Find out what strategies you can incorporate in your call center today to motivate your agents. Having your agents engaged can increase profits, increase​...

What is the future of call center outsourcing?

Onshore vs Nearshore vs Offshore. Find out the pros and cons of each outsource location and which is the best option for your business.

Fred Shadding interview
What does your Quality Assurance (QA) process measure?

Are you using these measures for your quality assurance process? We talked to Fred Shadding, Founder & Chief Advisor of The Call Center Source, about the biggest challenges, metrics, and the future of QA.

Measuring Customer Experience beyond NPS

Is NPS your go-to metric? Find out whether or not NPS is the right metric to use when you're tracking customer experience and how you can improve it.

Mobile Customer Support
Is a Mobile-First Mindset the future of Customer Support?

The Mobile-First Mindset is exactly what you need to stay up to date with the 2019 trends in Customer Support. Mobile is not really about the phone, but mostly about…

Pepper from SoftBank Robotics
Summatti x AI x True North

Pepper is the world's first social humanoid robot that can recognize faces and basic human emotions manufactured by SoftBank Robotics. It got us thinking about how a bot like Pepper can create unique experiences for customers in any of these industries.

Summatti makes EVERY customer interaction count by analyzing 100% of customer interactions and giving you unique consumer insights while saving time and money.

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