Fred Shadding interview
What does your Quality Assurance (QA) process measure?

Are you using these measures for your quality assurance process? We talked to Fred Shadding, Founder & Chief Advisor of The Call Center Source, about the biggest challenges, metrics, and

Measuring Customer Experience beyond NPS

Is NPS your go-to metric? Find out whether or not NPS is the right metric to use when you're tracking customer experience and how you can improve it.

Mobile Customer Support
Is a Mobile-First Mindset the future of Customer Support?

The Mobile-First Mindset is exactly what you need to stay up to date with the 2019 trends in Customer Support. Mobile is not really about the phone, but mostly about…

Pepper from SoftBank Robotics
Summatti x AI x True North

Pepper is the world's first social humanoid robot that can recognize faces and basic human emotions manufactured by SoftBank Robotics. It got us thinking about how a bot like Pepper

Jeanne Bliss Interview
The Real Truth about Customer Experience with Jeanne Bliss

We sat down with Jeanne Bliss, founder of CustomerBliss & a world-renowned speaker in customer experience, at Customer Contact Week (CCW) in Vegas to talk about customer experience today.

Patrick Ebrahimian Interview
Metrics that matter in today’s customer-centric world

What are the metrics that matter in a customer-centric​​ world? In an Interview with Patrick Ebrahimian, we discuss how...

Speech Analytics for Call Centers
Why should call centers use speech analytics?

Understand how having real-time speech analytics in call centers improves customer experience & employee performance.

Please stop annoying me with your surveys
Please stop annoying me with surveys- Your Customer

There is lot of conversation on how to increase surveys responses. But what if customers just don't want to respond to the surveys?

Top 5 Things you need to know about CX
Top 5 Things you need to know about Customer Experience (CX)

I'm sure you've heard people say customer experience (CX) is important. But what's the different between customer service and customer experience? And why do customers care about the 'experience' so

Megan Burns Interview
Agent Experience before Customer Experience

Customer experience is for a company what exercise & eating heathy is for an individual. Everyone knows it’s important, but very few people actually do it. You need a coach

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