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Calling Unhappy Customers

Brian Martynowicz, Support and Service Manager at Login VSI joins us in this episode of Support Ops Simplified to discuss how to deal with unhappy customers, and how to keep them happy.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Login VSI’s support shift

Brian and Login VSI have shifted the goal of their support team away from just simply dealing with issues/tickets to being responsible for the customer getting their product up and running.

  • Moving up from the helpdesk

Brian has moved up the support chain from helpdesk, tier one through four and then into project management and finally up to running support and service.

  • Login VSI’s support metrics

Brian measures velocity through the pipeline from a pre-sales perspective and then from there Brian is mainly looking at customer satisfaction. They do have a 24 hour SLA for general responsiveness, but Brian is clear to his team that he is focussed on customer satisfaction. Brian doesn’t care if the ticket is open for 12 months, as long as the customer feels like they are being taken care.

  • How does Brian measure customer satisfaction?

Every request that comes through the system gets sent a survey that asks about the experience, they are currently getting a 30% response rate. 

If someone says they had a bad experience, they will be getting a call from Brian.

  • What tools are Login VSI using?

Login VSI uses Zendesk to manage all tickets, create and maintain their knowledge base and view operational metrics. They also use Zendesk to auto send people from live chat to specific knowledge base articles.

  • What are Login VSI’s support plans for 2020?

In the next couple of years, Login VSI are looking to take all data siloed between different applications within their business and combine it to create a single view of the customer journey.

Who has influenced Brian the most?

Two people:

What is Login VSI’s biggest challenge as they scale?

Brian foresees two challenges as Login VSI scales: recruitment of the right blend of person and also the ability for these people to learn to use the technology tools in order to succeed in their role.


sos podcast episode

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