The Worst Part about Customer Service Quality Assurance

QA specialists can stop spending hours on listening or going through customer interactions manually...

Everything you need to know about Remote Agents

Remote agents have the ability to work from locations other than the traditional office or traditional contact center. Find out the advantages and challenges of remote agents.

Cristopher Kuehl interview
Why traditional QA processes aren’t working for your customer service team?

We talked to Cristopher Kuehl, VP of Analytics & Client Insights at Sitel Group, about the biggest challenges with QA today, what place AI has in improving QA & most

Chris Escobar
How to motivate your agents to go above & beyond

Find out what strategies you can incorporate in your call center today to motivate your agents. Having your agents engaged can increase profits, increase​...

Fred Shadding interview
What does your Quality Assurance (QA) process measure?

Are you using these measures for your quality assurance process? We talked to Fred Shadding, Founder & Chief Advisor of The Call Center Source, about the biggest challenges, metrics, and

Jeanne Bliss Interview
The Real Truth about Customer Experience with Jeanne Bliss

We sat down with Jeanne Bliss, founder of CustomerBliss & a world-renowned speaker in customer experience, at Customer Contact Week (CCW) in Vegas to talk about customer experience today.

Patrick Ebrahimian Interview
Metrics that matter in today’s customer-centric world

What are the metrics that matter in a customer-centric​​ world? In an Interview with Patrick Ebrahimian, we discuss how...

Speech Analytics for Call Centers
Why should call centers use speech analytics?

Understand how having real-time speech analytics in call centers improves customer experience & employee performance.

Megan Burns Interview
Agent Experience before Customer Experience

Customer experience is for a company what exercise & eating heathy is for an individual. Everyone knows it’s important, but very few people actually do it. You need a coach

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