CRM tools are the foundation of any customer support team today. Many of these CRM’s include ways to track tickets, emails, chats and calls. The analytics provided by CRM’s help measure service levels, such as Average Handle Time (AHT), Time to Respond etc., but is that enough to measure customer experience? Do these KPI’s truly depict the customer experience? 

If you are able to respond to a customer in 1 hr, does that mean a customer is happy? Maybe?

Let’s not forget, this full conversation in your CRM still has to be analyzed to see if the customer is truly happy. But is it truly possible to analyze each conversation?

How can you get the most out of your CRM?

CRM’s do collect a lot of data, but the reality is that businesses are only using 2 – 5% of that data. Some of the manual processes like quality control or sending out surveys help get some insights on customer experience, but never truly provide the full picture of the customer experience. 

Here are 5 ways you can use the power of AI to get the most of your CRM data:

  1. Automate Quality Control – Analyze 100% of interactions in real-time to measure the quality standards across all these conversations. 
  2. Measure Agent Performance with Scorecards – Provide real-time unbiased coaching & learning opportunities to improve agent performance.
  3. Grasp a Deeper Understanding of Customer Pain Points – Understand the issues your customers are calling about without being restricted to data entry. 
  4. Gain Actionable Insights – Receive real-time operational alerts about communication, compliance, and/or operational issues to drive business transformation.
  5. Monitor insights from multiple channels – Get a 360-degree view of your customer’s journey across various different touchpoints to find the root of customer complaints and improve them as they arise.

How can you take action?

At Summatti, we have generated a solution for those businesses that are in need of automated analysis for multiple communication channels. Without the hefty price tag and extensive time commitment, Summatti is able to directly integrate into your CRM, IVR, or ticketing system, to consolidate data collected from all channels customers use to interact with your company, into one accessible space. It is able to analyze 100% of your customer interactions and provide real-time, customized, and actionable insights to help your business make data-driven decisions that can impact your business greatly. This process can save up to 70% of quality control and data analytics time by removing the manual labour aspect of the equation, so your team can get back to doing what your team does best, growing your business and making your customers happy!

Want to explore more? Contact us and we can show you how Summatti may be right for your business!

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