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Your customers are not interacting with you in one channel, then why are you just analyzing one channel?

Gather insights from multiple channels, phone, email, CRM, web and chat - for a 360-degree view of the customers experience


Customer Journey

Our state-of-the-art analytics engine is powered by purpose-built AI models that detect nuances in speech and/or text to determine how customers feel about their experience. Easily track and analyze the entire customer journey across all channels


Now that you are able to track the entire customer journey, analyze and listen to your customers across different touchpoints to improve customer satisfaction


Take necessary steps to improve customer experience by finding out the root cause of customer complaints and taking steps to improve it

Automated Quality Control

Are you still using outdated and time consuming quality control processes?

Summatti helps not only automate your processes, but also kick-start workflows to help you take action on things that matter

automated quality control


Leverage the latest AI and ML technology to analyze all your interactions across all channels – phone, email, chat etc. and automate measuring customer sentiment, agent communication and compliance


Automated workflows helps draw attention to tickets that matter to help you proactively solve customer complaints and improve their experience


Now that you have saved time on monitoring and analyzing tickets, you are able to help agents improve things that matter and help them grow

Customer Experience

Better customer satisfaction improves your business, you can easily elevate the customer experience in real-time by using technology to your advantage

customer experience

Customer Pain Points

Understand the issues your customers are calling about without being restricted to data entry

Avoid Escalations

Identify escalations and trigger alerts in real-time to mitigate service interruptions

Predict Patterns

Predict future performance & customer issue patterns to take practice actions today!

Agent Performance

Summatti helps grow your agent performance by highlighting exactly where your agent needs to focus on whether they are in the office or remote

agent performance


Track agent performance across 100% of interactions. No more ambiguity and keep it consistent across all teams


Easily identify top performers and areas of improvement for others, and send personalized training feedback all in one-place


With in-depth real-time dashboards identify problem areas earlier and kick-off the workflow to scale your agent performance process across various teams  

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Summatti makes EVERY customer interaction count by analyzing 100% of customer interactions and giving you unique consumer insights while saving time and money.

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