Joelle Waksman, Senior Manager of Customer Support at Samsara (previously Director of Customer Experience at Calendly) joins us in this episode of Support Ops Simplified to discuss Calendly’s top three support metrics, what they are looking to focus on in 2020 and how they reduced first response time to just 15 minutes!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Joelle runs both the customer support and success team at Calendly

Joelle was responsible for full front line support at Calendly, this included the customer support team and the newer customer success team.

  • Smaller business people don’t want to self serve

Joelle shared the differences between supporting enterprise and small business customers. She found that larger enterprises prefer to jump on calls as their requirements are often more complex.

She has found that smaller business customers prefer just to get on with it themselves without speaking to support.

  • Metrics for agent productivity

Joelle has 35 different metrics she reviews regularly, though there are three she likes to focus on:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Resolution rate
  3. First response time

The Calendly CEO challenged the support team to respond to all enquiries within 15 minutes during the business day, which they did and this came down from 180 minutes!

  • CSAT response rate

Joelle and her team were handling over 1,000 tickets per day at Calendly and they would receive a 20% response rate to their CSAT survey, which is significantly above industry average. They are using a tooled called Stella Connect to collect the CSAT.

Product related data from CSAT is fed into a Trello Board that is shared with the product team. 

Furthermore, each member of the support team is included in each product team. This enables direct feedback about what is happening with customers and also gives the customer a voice in these meetings.

  • What support tools are Calendly using?

  • What are Calendly’s support plans for 2020?

Joelle and the support team recently integrated live chat for trial users and paying teams of over 10. This has put a greater strain on the support team so they are staggering the roll out to different customer segments.

Calendly are also looking to support customers in all locations, around the clock, as currently the team were only available to support the Australian market for 30 minutes of their business day.


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