Jim Israel, Director of Customer Success at Otto Motors – a division of Clearpath Robotics joins us in this episode of Support Ops Simplified to discuss how he leads his team with the “why”, interactive reports and why customer experience is king.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Jim moved from HR into technology

Jim initially started in logistics then moved into HR and then went back to school to learn software development. He then actually wrote code for a while before combining his people skills with his technical skills to pursue a career in support.

  • Being pro-active about presenting data to the product team

Jim mentioned how important it is for a support team to ask the product team about the data and meta data they need to see in order to make strategic decisions about the product. It is our job to show them how users are using the product so that they can tweak the product to make it more valuable.

  • Jim’s leadership style

Jim’s leadership style is the opposite “control” people and more of the “inspire people and then let them manage themselves”. If there is problems with the quality of support provided, Jim will go back to the big picture and re-explain why they are doing the work that they are doing.

  • What metrics does Jim use “to steer his ship”?

Jim warns that it’s not a race to improve metrics and that metrics are not king, customer experience is king. “Mean time to resolution” is a metric that Jim tracks, though he warns his team to act with urgency and not panic. Jim constantly reminds his team that it’s not just about closing a ticket, it’s about a great customer experience. 

As Jim and Otto have a relatively small amount of customers, they are able to measure customer experience simply by speaking to them.

  • How does Jim’s support team work with the engineering team?

Jim is currently working on a feedback system to provide useful information back to the engineering team to help them improve the product. Jim is looking to create an interactive report to enable specific roles of the engineering team to view information just relevant to them.


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