Hannah Clark Steiman, Chief Operating Officer at Peak Support joins us in this episode of Support Ops Simplified to discuss CSAT response rates, how Peak Support is scaling their support team and how to best adhere to your values.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Hannah initially planned to be a journalist…

In 2008, Hannah left the world of journalism and joined another business as head of communication… this still didn’t give her the answer of what she wanted to do and therefore she progressed and completed an MBA.

At around the same time, Hannah’s husband created a business called Peak Support: a customer service agency, Hannah joined as COO.

  • The challenges of scaling support

Most founders know their product, sales and marketing strategies really well… they don’t know how to scale support teams. This is where Peak Support comes in…

Hannah advocates for hiring higher skilled agents in the early stages as at his growth stage, you need high skilled agents to deal with this uncertainty.

  • The metrics that Peak Support track

These fit into three categories: efficiency, customer satisfaction and Q/A:

    • First Response Time
    • Full Resolution Time
    • Average Chat Wait Time
    • CSAT/NPS
    • Brand voice/grammar/tone/policy adherence

  • CSAT response rates…

Peak Support see clients with CSAT response rates between 5-40%, Hannah that the best way to a high response rate is to keep it simple!

In terms of understanding whether the CSAT response is given about the product, the rep or the policy – Peak Support manually review all of these that are not satisfactory to understand what the issue is.

  • How do Peak Support scale their service team?

They have a dedicated recruitment team looking for people that are a great fit. Peak Support are also 100% remote, this is an advantage as it enables them to access the best talent, wherever they are. This also aids with hiring more experienced resources, as sometimes these people prefer to work from home.

  • What does the future hold for Peak Support?

Like of all their clients, Peak Support are looking to scale… and therefore their biggest challenge will be to scale the team and culture with 

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